heart shaped bruises

Melissa-Sue Santona Kartini // from Amsterdam, The Netherlands // weakness for good bass lines

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Mom: Why did you spend $500 on roman busts???Me: – リサフランク420 / 現代のコンピュー
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omg I hate being sick so much like I used to like staying at home to watch tv and lie around when I was younger but now I really care about every second worth of any class because I can’t afford to miss them because of final exams

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→ Aug 2014 ladiesofthe60s:

London girls protesting for mini-skirts, c. 1966.
→ Aug 2014

I always feel so empowered when I’m walking down the streets listening to ***Flawless or the remix

→ Aug 2014 iinklets:

Cigarettes thrown on stage as Mac DeMarco plays “Ode to Viceroy” (by alain.rocha)
→ Aug 2014


  • Do not forget Michael Brown
  • Do not forget how the media dehumanized him and tried to justify his murder
  • Do not forget how peaceful protests were painted as savage riots
  • Do not forget police armed with military grade weapons terrorized and arrested black civilians
  • Do not forget Darren Wilson being awarded over $400,000 in fundraiser donations for murdering an unarmed black child
  • Do not forget that this system was not built to defend us, but to control us
  • Do not forget Ferguson 

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→ Aug 2014 dreamarco:

// Mac DeMarco in Danmark // Dreamarco.tumblr.com