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Melissa-Sue Santona Kartini // from Amsterdam, The Netherlands // weakness for good bass lines

→ Sep 2014 "I’m not certain why people think that if you’re feminine then that somehow makes you less strong." - Mike Hadreas
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Retail jobs summed up
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SURVIVAL TIP: When you encounter a grizzly bear in the wild, raise your arms as high as you can and yell “PLAY TWO WEEKS”

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High And Dry by Radiohead
→ Aug 2014

The Faker by Ty Segall
→ Aug 2014

figured I don’t really have anything to look forward to/to be excited about in the near future so I’m thinking of some fun stuff to do or cool places to go to… haven’t got any inspiration tho damn

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How to get gays’ attention

this is still my favorite GIF.
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Yh I’m creeped out by how Ariana Grande is sexualised and also made to look like a child simultaneously. Whoever is marketing her needs to stop it.

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Mom: Why did you spend $500 on roman busts???Me: – リサフランク420 / 現代のコンピュー